Top Diet Tip 6:

Cereal, cereal bars muffins, pastries, cookies, and rolls will stop you ever getting lean and losing weight.

Ditch all of the above and start your day and Diet off with some protein and healthy fats.

This will provide you with more energy as your day goes on; it also helps your body grow more lean muscle which in turn increases your metabolism help...

Top Diet Tip 3:

Buy at least 4 Tupperware boxes to store your lean lunches!

These Tupperware boxes are going to be a massive help with your Diet fat loss success.

From now on you will prepare and pack your lunches and snacks the night before so fat won't stand a chance and you will WIN on a daily basis.

Top Diet Tip 4:

Because you want to get lean it's time to ditch...

Eating a healthy balanced diet is the perfect partner to booking a Pilates class in Marbella and is a great way to have you both looking and feeling fantastic. 

Below I am going to outline my 8 essential dieting tips. 

Top Diet Tip 1:

Your first big step is to clear all of the junk from your fridge, freezer and cupboards.


October 11, 2016

Everywhere you look there seems to be some form of body bashing these days.

We live in a society where unrealistic images of women that are photo shopped or contorted into looking ‘perfect’ are the norm. With struggles around body image becoming more common, life coach Jacqueline Hurst shares her top tips for achieving body confidence.

Never Judge

If you are const...

August 4, 2016

I frequently get asked by clients where to get the best workout gear that is both practical and stylish. 

While Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus and La Canada (sports zone great for bits and pieces) have some quality selections, for me though hands down the best of the best is Sweaty Betty, I am wearing gear from them since I started out ten years ago and have watch...

July 29, 2016

Yoga and Pilates are both mind-body practices that will improve your balance, strength and your flexibility so what can yogis gain from doing Pilates too?

I) Strength - Pilates is famous for increasing core strength and that’s good news for your arm balances and inversions

II) Alignment - Pilates stresses good posture and alignment of the neck, the head...

Its the BIG secret that´s Not actually a secret:

Want to look and feel your Absolute Best?!?

Here goes;

ALL the hottest Female & Male celebs in Hollywood do Pilates on a weekly & in many cases a daily basis to keep looking lean, strong & long for the cameras.

Here´s a shortlist of a few of our favorites who love it; 

Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Sand...

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