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Fitness Myths - The Truth Revealed

3 Common Food & Workout Myths – The Truth is Out There!!!

1. You shouldn’t eat before a workout.

It´s mucho importante to put some energy into your body before any session – cars don’t run without fuel, nor do our bodies excel. Choose something small like a banana or a spoon full of peanut butter. This gives us the energy our body needs to perform at its best, especially during high intensity training (like a class with TJ!!)

2. Crash Diets are the only Solution to lose weight.

Crash diets are in-fact never the solutions, by undertaking these we are stripping our body of the nutrients, goodness, and balance it needs. We may even be deficient in iron or other minerals and this is what could in fact be hindering our results.

If we combine a good fitness routine & a healthy fresh diet/ lifestyle then the fast results and the quality of life will come flooding through. Talk to TJ before or after class for more tips.

3. That you should have do the same workout again & again to achieve Results.

You should change your workout routine regularly to keep your body and mind guessing. You will find someone who sticks with the same program tends to plateau and give up. It is also important to challenge yourself mentally and physically. At Absolute Pilates Marbella we constantly mix up our classes so that our clients achieve there max potential and have fun.

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