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Pilates Vs Yoga from Absolute Pilates Marbella

Yoga and Pilates are both mind-body practices that will improve your balance, strength and your flexibility so what can yogis gain from doing Pilates too?

I) Strength - Pilates is famous for increasing core strength and that’s good news for your arm balances and inversions

II) Alignment - Pilates stresses good posture and alignment of the neck, the head and spine.

III) Control - Joseph Pilates called his method Contrology which refers to the way Pilates encourages the use of our mind to control the muscles and control movements rather than speed, intensity or repetition.

IV) Concentration - Practising Pilates consistently will result in both greater focus and concentration through a breath and deeper mind-body connection.

V) Flow - Similarly to vinyasa yoga, Pilates is performed in smooth, graceful and fluid movements.

VI) Precision - So you want to be able to jump through and back? Practising Pilates makes perfect.

We think pilates kicks yoga´s ass but we are a bit biased. Book in a private pilates class in marbella and find out for yourself.

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