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Nutrition & Diet Tips PART III from Absolute Pilates Marbella

Top Diet Tip 6:

Cereal, cereal bars muffins, pastries, cookies, and rolls will stop you ever getting lean and losing weight.

Ditch all of the above and start your day and Diet off with some protein and healthy fats.

This will provide you with more energy as your day goes on; it also helps your body grow more lean muscle which in turn increases your metabolism helping you burn even more fat.

So remember to always start your day off with a fat burning breakfast high in protein and healthy fats.

Top Diet Tip 7:

Put simply alcohol puts the brakes on fat burning, so if you are really serious about transforming your body you need to consider your current alcohol intake because it could be the one thing holding your body back.

By cutting back on alcohol you will give your body a better chance to burn fat. It's one sacrifice which really will make a huge impact on your body composition.

The negative effects of alcohol:

1. Slows down fat burning

2. Increases appetite more than any other drink

3. Decreases testosterone (bye bye muscles)

4. Increases cortisol (hello fat)

5. Reduces vitamin and mineral absorption

6. Causes dehydration

Top Diet Tip 8:

Snacking on the wrong things is often people's biggest downfall.

When your energy levels are low and you do need something to give you a boost, reach for some of these healthier snack alternatives to keep you on track.

1. Whey protein shake

2. Handful of nuts

3. An apple or a handful of fresh berries

4. Half an avocado

5. Fresh melon

So there we have it, our 8 top diet tips - Enjoy and please contact us directly with any questions or to book your pilates class in Marbella

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