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Why Doing Pilates in Marbella is the Best Form of Exercise 4 You

All our around Marbella and the world Pilates is BOOMING in popularity and more and more people are realising how great it is for our bodies and minds. But why?

1.Our Bodies are Unique

Gym or health club classes are a one size fits all experience. How can you treat a post natal mother the same as a former athlete? Or throw them both in the same workout with someone training for a Triathlon. Each body is individual. Our DNA is uniquely combined to make you a singular entity with particular needs. Pilates is custom built based on your particular body. With dozens of apparatus to choose from and hundreds of exercises to adapt Pilates training is ideal for our body.

There is no better investment in your body than custom built 1to1 training private pilates classes.

2.Results Really Matter

Pilates was never meant to combine with boxing or swimming or climbing rope or flipping tyres, nor was it meant to picked apart and reduced to one single piece of equipment or one series of abdominal moves. It is a system. You either do the whole thing and get all the results or don't bother. More often than not, exercisers in group classes or trend followers hit plateaus that limit their results. Studying a system of exercise avoids those limitations. Learning an entire body of work is not just for your muscles, it's good for the brain, for our nervous system and for your spirit. When you learn exercises that routinely advance to more complex moves, to different equipment and to increased intensities, we are achieving specific measurable results. Practicing Pilates with a private instructor insures you consistent results and eliminates any plateaus.

3. Injuries Are Climbing from other forms of Workout

With all of the "go bananas for an hour" crossfit/ bootcamp style workouts on the rise - so are the debilitating injuries. These exercise trends are self-limiting. As more and more people get hurt, the trends begin to change in response. We are seeing this first hand with our new clients. Like Humpty Dumpty scores of spinners, hard core yogis, barre addicts and cardio junkies are flocking to Pilates classes on the costa del sol and around the world to put the pieces of their bodies back together again.

Pilates with its ordered exercises and attention to detail is the real prescription that exercisers need and not just as an antidote but as an injury preventor. As more and more people discover that they should be working out for the needs of their own personal lives and not like would-be Olympians, Pilates will continue to boom in popularity. Absolute Pilates Marbella work with women all along the coast to help them get into the best shape of their lives and we love seeing the results almost as much as our clients.

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