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How Pilates Will Change My Body

How will Pilates change my body?!?

So the changes in our body shape can range from a tightening, lengthening and toning of our muscles to an improved posture and better alignment.

The areas Ive found that are most usually and dramatically affected by Pilates are the abdominals, gluts, inner thighs and triceps – which is the areas we love to see results! Many people start to see these results in the slimming of the waistline first, usually within the first month. This is because Pilates exercises all stem from developing a strong core and deep abdominal activation. Aside from losing weight, Pilates is also a posture corrector. With the emphasis on body positioning and technique, correct posture tends to follow.

Sounds Great but dont I need to do Cardio to lose weight??

While cardio can be a great way to burn fat and lose weight, it esentially is a form of stress on the body, and stress increases the levels of cortisol in our body. Cortisol signals the body to store fat, especially in the abdomen. The body cannot distinguish the type of stress the body is under, just that there is stress.

Pilates does the opposite that it is a form of exercise that can help to actually reduce stress in our body and therefore lower cortisol levels. Pilates is about control, breathing, precision, concentration, flow and centering. Similar to Yoga, the mind is an element of the workout. By focusing on mindfulness as well as the breath that goes with each movement, Pilates encourages the body to release endorphins and reduce stress., therefore resulting in lowered cortisol levels and a reduction in belly fat.

If you are intersted in transforming your body I run both group classes and teach pilates in Marbella to private clients. We always welcome new clients so give me a call or send me an email and we can discuss what will be ideal

for you!!

Tracy x

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