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Mat Work Pilates Vs Reformer Pilates Marbella Spain

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise that develops flexibility, strengthening, toning and balancing our body - while also connecting to our breathing and positive mindset.

Tracy is qualified in the teaching of both mat work Pilates and reformer Pilates but for her Mat work when taught correctly is the superior practice.

“A Mat work Pilates class is done entirely on the mat, which means you’ll be controlling your own body weight against the resistance of gravity. This provides a good level of challenge to people.”

Mat work incorporates all Pilates Principles

Pilates, especially when practiced on the Mat, incorporates every Pilates principle—Concentration, Control, Breath, Flow and Precision.

“To be successful in Mat work, we must connect our mind to our movement to improve our overall coordination and strength. This amount of focus can be challenging—and is the reason why Mat Pilates as opposed to Reformer Pilates is so effective. We must tune into these principles within our own body without the distraction of the equipment.”

Mat Is More Challenging Than Equipment Work

For most a Mat work Pilates class in Marbella will prove more challenging, as we are working with your own body weight, without the aid of the equipment’s springs, and need to work deeper and more intuitively to find our balance, alignment and resistance against gravity.

Mat work Is great For Beginners

If you are looking to join a Pilates class in Marbella, Spain then Mat work Pilates is a great place for beginners to start, as you´ll learn how to control your muscles on your own. You get the opportunity to sharpen your body/mind connection and develop a better sense of how the exercise is supposed to feel.

When taught effectively by a well-trained instructor, Pilates is one of the most safe and effective ways to develop core strength, stability, flexibility, balance and coordination. And Mat Pilates is extremely effective in helping you develop a strong core—muscles of the abdomen, back, shoulders and glutes. With a stronger inner unit, you will be less vulnerable, and less likely to ever injure yourself. Meaning you will walk taller & look more toned as you enjoy your improved posture and increased athletic ability, meaning you can enjoy activities like running, cycling and playing sorts.

Our Marbella Pilates Classes are offered as private one to one sessions or our many group classes.

When you are ready this is take it to the max Pilates in Marbella Spain.

All are welcome

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