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Cameron Diaz on her Love of Pilates

Nowadays most celebrities train hard to maintain their physique mainly due to the demands of their roles and the industry they work in. They’re also often considered role models to the public, which is why they strive to retain their well being through exercise and undergoing intensive fitness programs.

Pilates is the go-to fitness choice for movie star Cameron Diaz, as it provides a full body workout that covers all muscle groups. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry have been open about their devotion to Pilates, while others prefer to keep it as their very own fitness secret.

Cameron Diaz

The Charlie’s Angel & The Holiday star has been doing Pilates for years, which is why she is always rocking a slim but lean and toned body. In fact she recently mentioned that she wrote The Body Book & doing Pilates on an almost daily was the main reason she has kept her body and mind in fighting form. She mainly does Mat Work Pilates and works 1 to 1 with Pilates Instructor. More than its physical benefits, Pilates can also aid in combatting emotional and psychological issues.

Diaz is often included in the lists of the highest paid Hollywood actresses – a designation she owes to the success of many of her action films including the aforementioned remake of Charlie’s Angels. Needless to say, her Pilates training has paid off big time.

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