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Sofia Vegara shares her Pilates Secrets

Sofia Vergara, our favorite hot & hilarious mama on Modern Family has an incredible figure and she has been recently spilling her secrets on how she stays in such fantastic shape.

Guess what.... - much of her workout routine is centered around Pilates.

Sofia in her pilates class

She starts with her legs, then arms/ shoulders and then proceeds to work on her core. For her legs she does a mix of basic bridges/ bridge squeezes with a fit circle/ side lying lifts and kicks and leg circles. For her arms she will do a mix of arm circles/ bicep curs and side planks before directly working her core.

Here are some of her fab tips direct from her pilates instructor:

"Sofia will do Pilates often 5 times per week when her filming schedule allows. The thing she and I love about pilates is all you need is your own body weight,"

"Crunches are great. During red carpet season we do a lot of upper body and abs—planks are also great. Even if you have a weighted object; you can hold it in one hand, crunch to one side, and pull back up to hit your oblique muscles. You can also get a cheap resistance band for five dollars or less, and wrap it around a secure pole or door knob. If you stand facing that object and do a torso twist, you'll hit your obliques as well. The key is making sure you have the correct form. Holding planks are one of the best full body exercises you can do."

I couldnt agree more, which is why our absolute pilates marbella classes incorporate all of the above.

If you are interested in following sofia´s excercise routine and becoming a private pilates client in Marbella or joining one of our group classes I´d love to hear from you.

Tracy x

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